Combined Finance Holdings is a non-bank lender providing innovative, swift financial solutions to businesses and individuals who are in immediate need of cash flow – be it to fund further growth, or to invest in new opportunities. Our lending services include asset-backed finance, property bridging finance, innovative finance solutions and invoice discounting. Rather than competing with traditional banks, we fill a gap in South Africa's lending market by serving the clients who often are overlooked or underserviced by these banks.

Traditional banks typically underservice or overlook our target market clients, either because they do not fit into conventional lending and risk models, or because they cannot wait for the long bank processes required to advance funds. Combined Finance is more agile than traditional lenders, allowing us to make quick decisions, advance money within very tight time frames, and match the finance terms to the needs of each client. Our finance comes without the red tape of typical lending processes.

Our Story

Our financial solutions company was established to meet the needs of the large but underserviced secured credit market in South Africa.