We provide short-term -cash flow solutions for property transactions. We release up to 80% of available funds from property transactions to qualified clients, against an undertaking for payment by the conveyancer tasked with registration of the property transaction in the Deeds Office.

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By nature, property transactions have long lead times. This is often financially frustrating for parties waiting for cash flow from the transaction. In addition, sellers often need assistance with funding advance rates and transfer duties which are not covered by traditional home loans. By bridging estate agents' commissions, the proceeds from property sales, rates and taxes, transfer duties and bond proceeds, we provide immediate access to funds that are only due at a future date, being the date of transfer. The security for the property bridging advance is an undertaking by the conveyancing attorney to repay our capital and finance charges on registration of the transfer, backed by cash or bank guarantees. Our discounting rates and fees are the lowest among our direct competitors. This is because our proprietary risk evaluation tools enable us to price risk accurately. We only deal with trusted, pre-vetted attorneys with whom we have strong working relationships.

Standard Terms and Conditions for Estate Agents and Property Owners.

Our other Services

Asset-backed Finance

This suits clients who require a short-term loan for business purposes and have sufficient real estate assets to offer as security.

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Invoice Discounting

This is a form of short-term borrowing often used to improve your company's working capital and cash flow by releasing the cash locked in to your accounts receivables. This finance solution typically suits small and medium sized enterprises needing to take the pressure off when it comes to ensuring a steady cash flow.

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