The following stories present some examples of recent successful transactions by Combined Finance Holdings. Of course we do not limit our scope to the sample stories listed below. Contact us with your requirements, and we'll use our fresh and innovative approach to assist you with your particular case.

Property Bridging Finance

Urgent advance for seller of property

Our client was awaiting the registration of her property, which was delayed in the Deeds Office. She also needed to undergo an urgent medical procedure at that time. We were able to provide the client with much-needed bridging finance for the surgery. According to the client the process was easy, fast and efficient, and with the money being in her account timeously, she had one less thing to worry about before having the operation.

Estate agent's commission bridged

Our client applied for bridging finance when his property transfer did not register timeously, and coincided with his daughter's 21st birthday. Having discounted the commission to the estate agent, he was able to buy his daughter a car for her birthday as intended.

Untying the knot of property transfers

Our client, a pensioner, sold her property and needed the money in order to pay a deposit at an old age home. If she had to wait for the registration of the property transfer she probably would have lost her spot in the home. Timing was of the essence and we were able to assist the client with securing her spot.

Asset-backed Finance

Property bonded for working capital

Our client owned an unbonded property which he wanted to leverage for his business cash flow. He needed finance in a hurry to cover the December cash strain on his business, and his application at the bank was taking too long. He met with us on a Tuesday, and by the Friday of the same week, we had lodged the relevant documents in the Deeds Office, enabling him to access part of his bond to improve his cash flow.

Finance to fund purchase of a business

Our client required funding to purchase a stake in a new business with good earnings potential. The client owned a recently tenanted industrial property with a value far in excess of the loan required. He'd applied for a loan, but the bank would not consider the lease payments as a measure of affordability. We advanced the funds the client required against a bond on the property, which the client was intending to sell. Our funding spared him the effects of a fire sale, and enabled him to take the business opportunity, while our loan was settled through the subsequent sale of the property at market price.

Property speculation funded

Our property speculator client purchases properties at a discount and sells them at market price. He requested funds to give a guarantee for the purchase price. We advanced the funds against registration of a bond in our favour. When the client sold the properties in question at a large profit prior to taking registration of the property, we were paid back from the proceeds of the on-sale.

Innovative Finance

Domestic trade finance in diesel

Our client had a contract with Eskom to procure and deliver diesel. The client did not have sufficient cash to fund shipments, so we provided trade finance by controlling the cash flow in the transaction. We paid the refinery and transporter directly, and received payment from Eskom in turn, from which the client's share could be paid.

Providing bank guarantee

Our client, a property speculator, required a bank guarantee in order to pay the sales price on a property. The property had been bought at a discount and had already been resold at a large profit, with simultaneous transfers scheduled. We gave the bank guarantee, against an undertaking (from the attorney handling the second transfer) that we would be repaid in capital and finance charges upon registration.

Invoice Discounting

Mitigating long payment terms

A manufacturer of marketing-related products used by large corporates was experiencing cash flow pressure due to the expanding credit terms demanded by his clients, while at the same time increasing order volumes. We entered into an invoice discounting arrangement whereby we purchase the manufacturer's receivables on an ongoing basis. We now make payment of 75% of each invoice, on the date of confirmation that goods (and other required documentation) have been received in good order by the corporate clients.